Asaf Erlich

Asaf Erlich

I'm Asaf Erlich,

an Israeli in his third year living in Germany. GanzErlich is a word play, using my name and "ganz ehrlich" in German, meaning totally honest. Ergo making GanzErlich my way of being honest with you about my time here in Germany and basically anything I find interesting or worth mentioning, written in the most honest way impossible, a dash of cynicism and a lot of humor.


As the Idea for this Blog began as I was trying to improve my German, all stories regarding Germany are written in, you guest it, German. Food are recopies that will be mostly written in German, as I do love to make good food!
In English I bring you my commentary  section. I have a deep passion to all things political, history and philosophy so in the commentary section you can expect me talking about about actual subject and my two cents on various issues, and how do they connect to political though, philosophical ideas and history in general.
Enjoy and if you like what you've read, check me out on social media!



love, your Israeli blogger in Germany