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The problem with #Israelisburning

The problem with #Israelisburning

So everybody, Israel is sadly, litteraly, burning.

as I am writing these words over 20 fires are burning uncontrollably all around Israel, cousing so far the evacuation of some 60,000 people.

Although the coordination and the many fires lightening up at multiple locations at once may leave little to the imagination, I will not be the one to incit and cry wolf. I will however point to the Arab media and the Palestinian social media, who is already lighting up (no pun intended) the fire works and glowing like a Christmas tree at the sight of sorrow on the Israeli side with the hashtag: #Israelisburning.

So instead of writing on happy things, today im going to write on hate. Pure, red hot, flaming hate. 

You will have to excuse me for the puns. I must insist I am in no way humorous. It is these drops of poison that people so often use on social media that make me overly sarcastic and deeply upset.

Acting upon hate

Hate, like love, is a feeling that burns us from the inside. Hate Just like love, is a feeling that requires a certain purpus. One does not feel content with the flaming sensation of love or hate. They are too warm and strong for us to handel on our own, we need to let them out, we need to act upon them.

It is no surprise that murderous Ideologies relay so much on both love and hate. We must "love" ourselves and "hate" the enemy. One could argue that when those feeling were put to the intended use, the results would be catastrophic. 

In the eastern front of the secound world war, the Nazis fought the Soviot union in tenacity only hate can breed. The Nazis used racial theories on Slavs and minorities to crusade in to what they called the "Jewish-bolshevist manace". On the basis of that belief, which dehumanized Slavs and Jews, the Nazis commited massive inhumane attrocities all across the front, what in turn spowned the Soviet retribution as they marched on Berlin. This front produced the lagrest killing fields in human history. Some 20-30 million soviets, soldiers and civilians alike were butchered in hatrade never seen before, and this is without even to mention of the Holocaust.

Dehumansation was not enough. A well oiled propaganda machine fuled the public with lies and incited to hate. It is the immense power of hate and our knowlage of the dangers thereof, that made us vorbid the acting upon hate and labaling it as a crime. Hence "hate crimes".

Now there is a lot of rasicm and hate going on as legitimate in the media now days, but we do have the role of law to vorbid that from happening. Now i'm going to ask you, how would you feel with the Idea, that a nation has legalized hate speech against a certain population? Sound horrific right? Well good, because this is exactly what is happening in the Palestinian authority, every day.  

It is not only legal to act upon hate in the Palestinian Authority, it is encouraged.

National television, even kids shows and social media all have evolved to a point where they serve agents of hate speece and incitement against Jews. Jews are no longer legitimate people in the eyes of the Palestinian-Arab Media.


Theres no way we could argue for the legitimacy of Palestinian normalisation on hate against Jews. Since the end of 2015, a terrorist act has sparked a mass Palestinian terror campaign on the Israeli streets. As this campaign continues to cost lives, it has apparently manifested itself into an arsoning rampage.

As the usuall responce of the Palestinian social media, instead of being alarm of massive fires running ramped just around the corner, they choose to repeat the old age custom of jubling for the natural, or rather unnatural catastrophy by using #Israelisburing on social media.

Now people, I must say, I believe that an indevidual is smarter alone, as when group dynamics are in play, people will just follow the heard. Therefore I will not generalize and say that all Palestinians are hateful, as that won't be true. I will however say, that the Palestinian Authority is to blame, and should stop or at least do something about this murderous incitment. Should it fail to comply, western nations should stop all Palestinian aid imidietly.

It is mind boggling that some people still hope for this conflict to die out (ahm Paris peace conference ahm), while the PA is so aimed at making its people kill Jews in all means possible. The PA is loosing control of its populous on the way.  As a matter of fact, the PA is hanging by a thread. Anarchy could erupt at any minute now, as there is no heir to Abbas, and Hamas is just around the corner. So why incit against israel? to compete with Hamas of course! Sadly, this is all just politics, and the PA is deciding to shoot itself in the foot for political gains.

I believe that pacification of inceitment in the westbank should stand as a precursor of all forther peace talks, just like the palestinian precurser of halting the construction of settlements from Israel.

Now for those who use the #Israelisburning hashtag. Are you such a sad pathetic miserable excuse of human being that you need to validate yourself by being happy, that a forest is buring down? What about the trees? What about the wildlife? Birds, bees, deer, rabbits all will lose their natural habitat and maybe even burn to a crisp, is that ok for you?! do you hate Jews so much you are willing to burn "your" precious land to get rid of them? Even the Nazis were environment friendly, whats your excuse? The truth is, if you get-off of the misery of others, you are trash, doesn't matter who you are.

You see, the Problem with #Israelisburning, is that hate is actually more like fire, it spreads. when playing with hate or with fire, you can never really know where you are going to end up. As for those who play with fire, might eventually get burned.






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